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Dr. Coffey has been published in numerous journals and other related avenues.

Nonmalignant Photodamage, Geriatrics and Aging; Aug 2006, Vol 9, number 7, pp 494-498

Malignant Photodamage, Geriatrics and Aging; Oct 2005, Vol 8, number 9, pp 56-61

Topical Psoriasis Treatments in Children, Skin Therapy Letters, publication in May 2002, co-written by Dr. Ian Landells, Pediatric Dermatologist.

Diagnostic Accuracy for Malignant Melanoma and Seborrheic Keratosis among Specific Specialties, co-written by Dr. Tracey Brown-Maher, resident; presented as poster at Annual Meeting of Royal College of Physicians; Pfizer Award for research excellence.

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